Buy These 3 Transportation Firms: Analyst

A number of trucking companies have been outperforming the S&P, but since they’ve experienced a pullback in the last month, is this the right time for investors to be piling in? Jason Seidl, transportation analyst at Dahlman Rose, discussed his views.

“If you look at the spot rate for the truckload carriers, it started the year at about $1.24; it finished the first quarter at $1.70 and in June, we’re at over $2 a mile right now,” Seidl told CNBC.

Seidl said the reason for the rising rates is a combination of carriers exiting the market in the last nine months and the economy improving.

“If you look at the other data too, the railroads are also seeing an increase in their volumes,” he added.

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JB Hunt Transport

Celadon Group


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Seidl does not own shares of JBHT, CGI, SAIA or VTNC.

Dahlman Rose makes a market in SAIA and VTNC.