Mad Mail: The Best Autos Play on China?

From pharmaceuticals to automobiles, Cramer touched on several topics during Monday's Mad Mail segment and provided answers to your questions.

The first letter came from Mike in Florida, who wanted Cramer's take on Teva Pharmaceutical. Since he took a position at $53 a share, the viewer said the stock continues to get "clobbered." Cramer explained that a few things are going on with TEVA. First, it has great exposure to the euro, so as it goes down, investors become concerned. Secondly, Cramer said there was a challenge to one of its new, generic drugs. But he thinks generic drugs are the "future for every country in the world" and said this is a "screaming buy."

The next letter came from Peter, who is down 37% with BP . He wants to know if Cramer recommends cutting his losses and swapping into DuPont . The Mad Money host said it's more important to consider where a stock is going, not where it came from. But he thinks DuPont has more price appreciation potential and would go with the Wilmington, Del.-based company.

John followed up on Cramer's recommendation of China as a growth play, citing the country's emerging middle class. The growing consumer base could mean increased automobile sales, so he wondered if Ford would be a good play because it has exposure to China and asked if Cramer thought Ford would reinstitute its dividend.

Ford will first reinstate its preferred dividend, Cramer said. But he will recommend the General Motors IPO when it comes because "that's going to be a play on China, not on America."

When this story published, Cramer’s charitable trust owned Teva Pharmaceutical.

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