Financial Crisis Panel Reveals Staff Identities

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission released the names of 43 staffers and payroll data on Friday.

The FCIC said it had paid nearly $1.4 million in salaries and benefits for the staffers, who include journalist Matt Cooper, former Goldman Sachs investment banker Desmond Duncker and Fed economist Ron Borzekowski. The information is available in a pdf file on the FCIC’s website.

The move comes after criticism—including by—that the commission has not been open enough about its own operations. began asking for information about the commission’s staff several weeks ago in an effort to determine if anyone at the FCIC might have conflicts of interest that could affect its investigation into the financial crisis. Clearly, information about ties to investment banks such as Goldman Sachs will be relevant to the public’s understanding of the commission’s operations.

The commission has been opening up. At first, the commission would not release its ethics policy—but it relented after reported this. Now it seems the commission has decided to embrace openness and transparency when it comes to their staff.

“We will update this information following each completed quarter,” FCIC spokesman Tucker Warren told