BP Considering Patented Molecule to Soak Up Gulf Oil

A Georgia company, MyCelx, with a patented molecule that bonds to oil, could be one solution to the Gulf oil spill.

MyCelx employees recently demonstrated its patented molecule product for both BP and local Louisiana officials.

MyCelx's CEO Connie Mixon is waiting to hear from BP and government officials, as to whether her firm has a deal to sell the product. It is a product, she said, that will cost five times less than other remedies being used in the Gulf.

To combat an oil spill, MyCelx's patented molecule is applied to huge mats that are attached to booms. When the oil-soaked surf washes over the boom, the mat captures that oil.

The molecule can also coat filters, which are used inside of high-tech vacuums that suck up oil in marshes. The filters capture the oil, and the clean water is released and returned to the sea.

MyCelx created its patented molecule product just after, and in reaction to, the Exxon Valdez spill.

The 10-year-old company operates in China, Canada and the Middle East and is currently selling its product to deal with an oil spill in Canada.