Britons Lose 109 Million Bad Teeth: Implants Firm

Americans say about the British that they have bad teeth, but new research has found a staggering 109 million of British teeth have gone missing as well.


On average, Britons lose two teeth during their lifetime, with some 20 percent of the population missing five or more, according to research from Implantium Network, a company specialized in dental implants.

Unsurprisingly, people over 65 lost the most teeth but nearly 25 percent of those between 18 and 24 have at least one missing tooth, the research found.

Bad teeth lead to depression and self consciousness, the company's research found.

"These findings are staggering, and the implications are huge," Jason Buglass, managing director of the Implantium Network, said.

Research shows that 3 percent of people with missing teeth have said that this has led to them feeling depressed, according to Buglass.

Around 15 percent said missing teeth made them feel self-conscious and 2 percent - some 417,000 people – complained that it has adversely affected their love lives, he said.

Some 350,000 people said they have missed out on job interviews and promotions because of missing teeth, Buglass added.

Fixing the problem is not cheap. Implantium charges £1,350 ($1,998) for a single implant and crown, plus a one-off £100 consultancy fee.