iPad Adoption Growing Among Businesses

Randall Stephenson offered plenty of things to think about when it comes to the wireless industry during our interview on Tuesday.


Clearly, he believes and has positioned his company for a future in which broadband is accessed via wireless devices and not through a big pipe into the home.

I can’t help but think he’s right, especially when one views the adoption rate and usage pattern of devices such as Apple's iPad.

The only question in my mind (beyond how quickly people begin to disconnect their cable) is how AT&T’s network and other carriers will handle the traffic and price the service.

AT&T has been the first to deal with that problem given it is the home for the iPhone, but Verizon and SprintNextel will one day face the same issues.

Another thing to think about is Apple. Steve Jobs has steadfastly resisted catering to the needs of the enterprise, but Stephenson made it clear that adoption of the Ipad is quite rapid among businesses and one has to wonder (though he didn’t answer the question) whether Apple will start to create a mobile tablet product for the enterprise space.

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