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What 1984 gangster epic was cut by 80 minutes by the movie studio for its American release?

  1. The Cotton Club
  2. The Long Good Friday
  3. Once Upon A Time In America
  4. Year Of The Dragon

"Once Upon A Time In America" is a gangster epic directed by Sergio Leone, who is best known for the westerns that he directed with Clint Eastwood. Starring Robert De Niro and James Woods as 1920s hoodlums who rise through the ranks of New York City's criminal underworld, the film runs almost four hours and has a unique flashback structure that brought it great critical acclaim at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival. However, the film's US producers feared that the film in its original form would be unmarketable in America, so they took it upon themselves to cut almost an hour and a half from it and put all the scenes in chronological order, all without Leone's knowledge or consent. This version of the film was a commercial failure, and Leone was allegedly so devastated by the drastic changes that he never made another feature.

SOURCE: Sergio Leone Biography | Allmovie.com