Nets Get Dancers Audition Sponsored By Healthy Eating Company

In the annals of sports marketing history, some of the best deals are ones that make sense.

George Foreman could make as many burgers as he wanted on the grill that beared his name. John Daly was sponsored by Dunkin' Donuts and Hooters and now we have the New Jersey Nets dancers auditions, taking place this weekend, sponsored by....Sensible Portions!

Nets Dancers & Sensible Portions
Source: New Jersey Nets
Nets Dancers & Sensible Portions

Those that audition for the team this weekend will see Sensible Portionsproducts being nibbled on by the judges and each dancer will leave with a bag of either veggie straws or veggie chips.

"We always look for ways to bring value to our partners by aligning their brands with Nets assets," said spokesman Barry Baum. "So this was a perfect match. Sensible Portions is all about eating healthy and that's crucial to the success of our dancers."

The brand, produced by New Jersey-based World Gourmet Marketing, has been a sponsor of the team since the 2008-09 season. Last year, the team found that the best fit for the company, which makes portion control snacks including soy crisps and pita chips, was with the dancers, who were used by the brand to talk about healthy eating tips on the team's online site.

Initial auditions will take place at City Center Studios in Manhattan on Saturday. Callbacks will take place at the PNY Center in East Rutherford, NJ on Monday.

And no, unfortunately, neither round is open to the fans for viewing.

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