The Health Kick—Jump—And Punch

NBC Universal, parent company of CNBC, will kick off its first Healthy Week on Monday. It's the latest effort to get America moving. Healthier people — so the studies prove — work harder, live longer, and put less of a burden on the healthcare system.

"With 33% of U.S. adults and 1 in every 5 kids obese, we can make a positive difference in this nationwide crisis by encouraging consumers to live a healthier lifestyle as we inform, educate, and entertain them," says Lauren Zalaznick, President of NBCU Universal Women & Lifestyle Entertainment networks, who oversees "Healthy At NBCU."

It's similar to the network's "Green Is Universal" initiative, except this one is focused on saving your body, not your planet. The campaign kicks off Sunday with coverage of the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach (insert Tiger Woods joke here).

CNBC's role will include the re-airing of "One Nation, Overweight,"and we will air "Healthy Investing" segments during the business day and here on "Fast Money" will look at the business side of food and exercise, and on June 26th, Suze Orman will address the connections between health and wealth, (fresh off her emergency appendectomy! Get well, Suze!).

Meantime, off camera, I will continue my attempt to complete the P90x workout routine. I'm tempted to come on the air in a sleeveless shirt and ask, "Anyone know a good vet? 'CUZ THESE PYTHONS ARE SICK!" However, I already tried this line on my family, and they will disown me if I say it in public. They nearly disowned me on the spot. Also, I don't want to make the other CNBC anchors look bad, especially Mark Haines.

My favorite part of "Healthy Week" is tips from well-known stars in our family of networks. Padma Lakshmiof Bravo's "Top Chef" reveals that she boxes four to five times a week, jumps rope, runs up the stairs in her building and lifts weights. I'm exhausted just reading about it, but you can't argue with the results! Real Housewives from New Yorkand New Jerseyweigh in (get it?), and, no, throwing tables isn't part of their normal workout.

Suggestions from these celebrities run the gamut from eating "sauteed broccoli rabe or spinach" to "follow your bliss" (does Mel B from Oxygen's "Dance Your A** Off" really do 300 sit ups a day??). However, for many Americans, none of that will sound remotely normal. Thankfully, Kathy Griffin provides a reality check which may encourage couch potatoes to examine their eating and exercise habits while at the same time mocking America's war on fat.

Kathy Griffin
Getty Images
Kathy Griffin

The star of Bravo's "Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List" says, "I work with a trainer three times a week and go on hikes three days a week—when I am good. This is all kind of BS on those weeks that I am lucky to walk around the block once."

Griffin says she has a food delivery service which brings her healthy foods, though she still has a weakness for donuts.

"What am I going to do?

Maybe the Lord Baby Jesus should stop making so many, because, good God, they are delicious."

Her advice to others? "I would like to encourage everyone to drink eight glasses of water a day, but when I've tried that, it only works if I never leave my bathroom, so I would say stick to the five food groups—sugar, candy, potato chips, pizza & popcorn."

I'll have what she's having.

And then get back to tending my pythons.

(*Editor's note: NBC Universal, CNBC, Oxygen and Bravo are all owned by parent company General Electric.)

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