Ad of the Week: NBA's Sponsor Thank You

You'll sometimes see some nice thank you ads taken out by players who leave a city after a long time playing in a city.

But I opened up my USA Todaythis morning and was pretty impressed by what the NBA had done. They put together a great full page ad thanking all their sponsors.

We live in an era where leagues and governing bodies only seem to get active when their sponsors are being ambushed. They complain and complain, but in most cases, they're only complaining because the ambush is effective. Why? Because the leagues and the sponsors often don't do the best job in the world of conveying who the official sponsors are.

Check out this ad.

It's really good for two reasons. One, it's nice to thank your sponsors. Two, it's good to understand that people might not know who pays the big bucks to be your official sponsor and doing something like this reaffirms to your audience who those sponsors are.

Thank You ad from the NBA
Source: NBA
Thank You ad from the NBA

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