Mad Mail: Google as a Long-Term Investment?

As he does from time to time, Cramer took your questions on Monday's Mad Money.

The first question came from John in Dallas, who asked for Cramer's thoughts on doubling down on Google or shifting to for a long-term investment. Cramer does not want to own Google, which he said ceded China to BIDU. Priceline, however, is an overpriced stock.

In the next letter, Rev. Wilson asked if Gilead Sciences is worth holding onto, even thought it's taking a beating lately. A recent acquisition was too diluted, Cramer explained, and next year's earnings aren't supposed to be good.

Bob in Tolland, Conn. asked about Teva Pharmaceutical . I want to own the world's largest producer of generic drugs, said Cramer. Double-down on it.

Romanch in Buffalo, NY wondered about Cramer's recent recommendation of DreamWorks Animation , pointing out the stock has fallen 30%. Cramer said he got this call wrong and said it's now too low to sell.

The last letter came from John, who asked Cramer if he should own Manitowoc . Cramer recommends selling MTW in favor of CAT .

When this post was published, Cramer's charitable trust owned Teva Pharmaceutical.

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