Dream-Job Contest: No Work Required

There've been a lot of dream-job contests to help lift the spirits of the unemployed and the disgruntled in this tough economy but this one has a new twist: There's no work required!

Man eating a sandwich
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Man eating a sandwich

Job-search site Simply Hired is holding a “Dream Job Contest,”where contestants are asked to submit their dream jobvia a comment on the Simply Blog or by Tweeting it to the company.

Five winners will receive one of Apple's latest omg-lookit-me gadgets — the iPad.

Forget a penny for your thoughts. How about an iPad for your dreams?!

Winners will be chosen for the:

  • Most Hilarious Job
  • Most Creative Job
  • Most Bizarre Job
  • Most Noble Job
  • Most ‘Green’ Job

The last time they did a contest like this, the winners were: "Rainbow Chaser and Pot of Gold Location Expert, also skilled in the identification of Silver Linings" (Most Creative), "Launderer of Superhero Tights" (Most Bizarre), "Chair Pusher-Inner (Entry-level)" (Most Hilarious), "Global Paper Waste Reduction Agent" (Most Green) and "VP of Inspiration and Motivation for Joy and Happiness Inc." (Most Noble).

Among the early entries in this contest are Mattress Tester/Professional Sleeper, BBQ Sauce Ambassador and Sandwich Designer.

This is, of course, the year 2010 and we don't have all day, so all dreams are to be kept to 140 characters or less.

Haha! Dare to drea—

What's your dream job? Write to us at ponyblog@cnbc.com or drop a comment below.

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