Energy Will be the 'Ultimate Currency': CEO Mark Fisher

The energy sector "is the place to be. It will be the ultimate currency," Mark Fisher, founder and CEO, MBF Asset Management told CNBC today.

People will eventually "migrate" out of all these paper assets, he said.

For that reason, Fisher will "remain bullish for the next 4 to 5 years" on energy and is in the process of creating an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) for long-term investors in the energy sector.

American businesses will spend with the right incentives, such as investment tax credits, and therefore will create more jobs, Fisher said.

"The way out of this whole interest-rate environment is to spend, spend, spend, but not be the government—it has to be the American businesses,"he said.

Despite financial regulation now working its way through Congress, Fisher thinks banks will remain just be as "profitable." In the end, he believes all these regulations will only affect people who trade.

"It will just make the cost of doing business more expensive," Fisher concluded.

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