Banks Are 'Very Cheap' in Wake of Reform

Lawmakers reached a deal on financial reformon Friday. What does the bill mean for the banks going forward? Anton Schutz, president of Mendon Capital Advisors, and Paul Miller, group head of financial services at FBR Capital Markets, discussed their insights.

"In the short term, there is not a lot of impact at all," Schutz told CNBC.

"But in the longer term, some companies are going to reshape themselves somewhat."

However, earnings are not going to be dramatically affected and some of the banks stocks are "very cheap," he said.

“At the end of the day, Congress accomplished nothing to remove risk from the system," he continued. "This bill was a big political football.”

In the meantime, Miller said JPMorgan , Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs shares are “very inexpensive.”

“I think we can all live with this and continue to think that stocks will continue to bounce as people get a better understanding of this,” he said.

Miller also favors PNC Financial , Bank of America and USBancorp .

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