One Year Later, Where are Jackson's Fans?


One year ago, they flooded Los Angeles and Santa Barbara by the thousands.

They came from around the world—Michael Jackson fans devastated by his sudden death.

The morning after he died, I reported from his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

People were ten deep huddling around that small spot. Traffic was a mess, as it was near the family home in Encino and up near Jackson's Neverland Ranch.

Today, not so much.


As Forest Lawn opened its gates this morning to allow fans into the area near Jackson's grave, maybe 60 people were lined up.

These are the hardcore fans, like a woman from Australia who says the pain has eased only a little in 12 months.

There seems to be more media here than pilgrims.

Some of the Jackson family will be here later, though published reports say Katherine Jackson plans to take her son's children to a memorial celebration in Gary, Indiana.

But while the crowds have thinned, interest in Michael Jackson has not. As I report here,Michael Jackson's estate has proved a real thriller.

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