Mad Mail: Xbox Reason Enough to Buy Microsoft?

From FinReg to the "Flash Crash," Cramer touched on a range of topics when he took your questions on Friday's Mad Money.

Theresa in Wisconsin recognized Cramer's affinity for Apple over Microsoft , but wondered if MSFT's video gaming systems will give it an edge. She noted the buzz over its new Xbox gaming system and a virtual system. Cramer likes Xbox, but said it alone can't persuade him to buy Microsoft over Apple. He thinks Apple's range of popular products makes it hard to beat.

The next question came from Herb in Fair Oaks, Calif., who asked how a BP bankruptcy would affect BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust . Cramer doesn't think one would affect the other, but wants to err on the side of caution and recommends getting out of BPT.

"Why bother," Cramer said. "There's too much at stake these days."

Having started investing in fall 2008, Markus told Cramer he is still trying to get back to even. He recently purchased NewAlliance Bancshares and wondered if he should add to his position. Cramer thinks it's a good idea because with financial regulatory reform moving forward, financial names can push higher.

With no definite answer as to what caused the "Flash Crash" of May 6, Jay wondered why more people aren't up in arms. Cramer said President Barack Obama's administration hasn't told investors the markets are safe for two possible reasons: the administration thinks most people don't own stocks, or it doesn't think reasons behind the "Flash Crash" matter. The Mad Money host said investors "deserve better answers."

Christopher asked if there is a way to purchase IPO shares without being a full-service customer of a money manager, who charges a fee. Cramer said fees are at the discretion of the broker. He thinks it's fine for them to charge fees.

When this post was published, Cramer's charitable trust owned Apple.

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