The Best YouTube Feature EVER

Finally! A constructive use for that annoying vuvuzela buzz from the World Cup — you know, those horns that sound like a swarm of bees is buzzing over the stadium.

Vuvuzela Feature of Youtube
Source: youtube
Vuvuzela Feature of Youtube

YouTube has added a soccer-ball shaped button in the bottom right-hand corner of its video player that when you press it, gives a nonstop vuvuzela buzz over the sound of your video and doesn't stop until you press the button again.

So, no matter what you’re watching — be it the president, BP CEO Tony Haywardor that grandpa who's goo goo for Lady Gaga— if you don’t like it, you can vuvuzela it.

You can even give Sen. Robert Byrd one last Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzfor the road.

Or vuvuzela a guy explaining what the vuvuzela button does.

Closeup of the Soccer button
Source: Youtube
Closeup of the Soccer button

You see, here —

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….

The only downside: It’s not on all the videos — just the most recent ones.

But, sort your search by “upload date” and then decide if you want to watch the video, or—


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