Analyst Watch: Portfolio Tips for Surviving Volatility

Stock market futures indicated a slightly lower open Friday after investors largely shrugged off a report showing that the economy shed slightly more jobs than expected in June.

The government said the private sector lost 125,000 jobsfor the month and the unemployment rate dropped to 9.5 percent. The jobless rate itself was lower than expected but the total jobs shed was about 10,000 more than analysts had predicted.

Here's what guests on today's Squawk on the Street are watching before the opening bell:

Large Caps

With most major averages around the globe having broken important moving averages, corporate bond spreads widening and volatility indexes again rising, the likely scenario for markets is they will make big moves both up and down.

So where does that leave your portfolio construction?

The Bull

"We believe that most investors are best served today with what might be called a 'bullet-proof portfolio,' " John Merrill, founder and CIO of Tanglewood Wealth Management says. "One that takes all of the various risks and opportunities into consideration — covering all possible outcomes."

Tanglewood's portfolios contain:

  • Gold
  • US Treasury zero coupon bonds
  • High-Quality municipal bonds and corporate bonds

The Bear

Paul Schatz, president of Heritage Capital, says he thinks markets are moving toward a trading low in the short term that should result in a 5-10 percent summer rally.

"Anything I would buy would be for a trade into the summer and not an investment," he says.

He likes:

  • Semis
  • Transports
  • High-yield bonds
  • Emerging markets
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand

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