The World's Coolest Jobs ... Ever

You think of drinking whiskey and playing golf as things you do in your leisure time to unwind. But some people actually get paid to do these things.

Jeff Malloney | Photodisc | Getty Images

Take Colum Egan, the master distiller for Bushmills whiskey in Ireland. Or Jerramy Hainlaine, whose title is actually “Director of Golf” for Hilton Worldwide.

And, when you’re watching fireworks this weekend, know that there are hundreds of people across the country who set off explosives for a living.

What's their day-to-day job like? How did they land such cool jobs?

Sometimes it was love. Sometimes it was perseverance. Sometimes it was all in the family. Each story of how they got there is unique and fascinating.

One thread that seems runs through the stories: Most of them have degrees in business. For some, it helped them turn their passion into a business. For others, it came in handy as they moved up the ladder and took on more responsibilities for the company's finances and management.

So, what are the world's coolest jobs? Click hereto find out!

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