Five Things Will Happen Tomorrow With LeBron

LeBron James
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LeBron James

There aren't many guarantees for tomorrow's LeBron James announcement, but here are things I'm quite confident will happen.

1. Even if LeBron hasn’t told any of the teams, odds are decent that LeBron’s destination will be broken before the 9 p.m. ET one-hour special. I’m not counting out the folks at ESPN breaking it either. Viewers love conspiracy theories that suggest that ESPN wouldn’t want to trump its own show. Trust me, there’s no way ESPN brass is telling its reporters not to break one of the stories of the year. Most people will watch the special anyway.

2. Someone today or tomorrow, who you’ve never heard of, is going to say he or she has sources that say that LeBron is definitely going to a certain team. It’s probably guess journalism. If you’ve never heard of them it doesn’t mean they are wrong, but if you follow the media, they have less to lose if they don’t have that built-up credibility. If they are right, they’ll get the credit. If they are wrong, they’ll just fade away.

3. I’m not willing to bet what team he will sign with, but I will bet that he won’t sign for anything fewer than four years. The labor situation in the league is tenuous at best and the economics of the game can change after next season. LeBron’s team knows that.

4. Expect the ticket office of the winning team to stay open all night, until they sell out all their season tickets. It will be done before the sun comes up.

5. If James changes teams, his jersey — which will immediately go on sale — will be the best selling jersey in a single year in NBA history.

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