US to 'Double Exports Over Next 5 years': Council Chief

President Obama's Export Council Chairman and CEO of Boeing , Jim McNerney, told CNBC on Wednesday that the United States expects to "double its exports over the next 5 years."

By leveling the playing field through fair trade, enforcing existing policies and work force readiness, McNerney said, "exports will increase significantly faster than the general economy."

He admitted this is a “stretch target," but said, "it can be done." The CEO stressed this needs to be "measurable" quarter-by-quarter and industry and company specific.

As far as an up cycle in the market, McNerney said, "that will take a little longer." But the drivers—Asia, Middle east, part of the U.S.—will be there.

“Deleveraging is going on everywhere,” he said. This impact will be worked through by removing impediments and barriers.

What's key, according to McNerney, is to allow “the natural competitiveness advantages to win in the marketplace. That’s what this is all this about."

"We haven’t fallen off the end of the earth over the last couple of years. There is some deleveraging and adjustment that has to happen," McNerney concluded.

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