No Double-Dip Indicators—Invest Here: Strategist

Earnings season starts on Monday with Dow component Alcoa reporting after the closing bell and Chevron reporting interim results. Jim Meyer, CIO and co-founder of Tower Bridge Advisors and Kelly Campbell, founder, principal and CEO of Campbell Wealth Management shared their insights.

“Over the last three weeks, while the market has gone way down and then sharply higher, if you look to the economy, not much has changed,” Meyer told CNBC Monday.

“We’re growing slowly and there are no indicators out there that a double-dip recession is upon us in any kind of way and that’s what the market is going to settle out with.”

Meyer said he likes names that are “true growth companies,” have “significant opportunities” in emerging markets and are non-cyclical. (Scroll down to see his full picks.)

In the meantime, Campbell said investors still need to be “cautiously optimistic.”

“Markets in general have become so correlated that it’s difficult to get diversity nowadays,” he said. “You need to start looking at things where you can be both long and short.”

Meyer Likes:



CVS Caremark


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