Phone Wars


A Best Buy employee who was suspended for posting an online video mocking iPhone customers has been offered his job back — but he's not taking it.

The Kansas City Star reportsthat Brian Maupin got in trouble for creating an animated video— using text to voice speech — simulating the "encounter" between an employee for "Phone Mart" and an iPhone fanatic.

Warning, there are several expletives as the employee gets increasingly frustrated over the customer's cult-like insistence on only buying the latest Apple phone. "IPhone 4," the customer blurts out. "Where is the iPhone 4? I need an iPhone 4."

When the employee (represented by a teddy bear) explains that Phone Mart is out of the Apple phones and then suggests the new 4G EVO phone from Sprint instead, the customer will hear none of it. "I don't care," the customer robotically repeats after hearing that the Sprint phone is faster, its monthly bill is cheaper, its screen is bigger. "I don't care, I don't care, I don't care." "It can grant up to three wishes, even if one of those wishes is for an iPhone." "I don't care."

It goes downhill from there, and so did Brian Maupin's Best Buy career.

While I thought the video was funny, Best Buy did not. Even though the electronics giant isn't actually mentioned anywhere in Maupin's production, the company was concerned that the put down — which has already been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube — would anger customers and vendors. It suspended Maupin and investigated the incident.

Best Buy eventually decided to let Maupin return to work last Friday, but he declined. "I'm not sure if it would be comfortable returning to Best Buy considering the circumstances," he told The Kansas City Star, "but I will definitely consider all options."

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