Condoms—A Growth Industry

The funny business of sex.

Trojan Fire & Ice condoms
Trojan Fire & Ice condoms

Trojan remains the top-selling condom in the U.S. and a key growth driver for parent company Church & Dwight, also known as Arm & Hammer.

Net income for the company rose 28 percent in the first quarter to $80 million.

Last year, annual revenues topped $2.5 billion for the firm. The 80-year-old Trojan workhorse of a brand continues to release new types of prophylactics to maintain market leadership, including the new Fire & Ice(they like the ampersand at Church & Dwight, aka Arm & Hammer).

This year Trojan is sponsoring an exhibit on the history of condoms at the Museum of Sex.

Yes, there is such a museum, in New York City.

The exhibit is called "RUBBERS: the Life, History & Struggle of the Condom" (there's that ampersand again), and it details the history of prophylactics from "their early linen incarnations to being practically customizable with sizes, shapes and textures to enhance pleasure while promoting safety." There's artwork, historical artifacts, photos and films.

Meantime, here is one of the more controversial Trojan ads from the last few years.

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