Don’t Wait for US Recovery to Buy Stocks

The US is the caboose on the train of worldwide growth, Cramer said Wednesday, but guess what? It doesn’t matter. The train is moving nonetheless, pulling everyone along with it, and that means stocks can be bought.

The evidence is clear: Investors, analysts, the Street as a whole – no one expects the US to drive company earnings. Whether it was Intel , Novellus , Yum! Brands , CSX , Boeing , Cummins or even Banco Santander , the questions about the source of their profits inevitably focused on business overseas. Was it China? South Korea? Brazil? The rest of Latin America? And the answers were yes, yes, yes and yes.

“I am not saying we are irrelevant. We still matter,” Cramer said. “I am saying that now we are the world’s drag … the caboose.”

The Federal Reserve confirmed as much today when we got its meeting minutes, which said it sees subpar growth for the US for years versus other countries. But, in spite of our obsession with housing data, retail data and employment data, American businesses still will get pulled along the rest of the world. Companies here must meet demand over there. That’s why Cramer thinks that, by the fourth quarter, we will see some job creation in the US. And retail investors will finally regain the confidence needed to start buying stocks again.

Cramer doesn’t want his viewers to wait that long, though. So tonight he begged them to catch this train and get in before the big move. Because if they miss it, he said, “I’ll feel sorry for you.”

When this story published, Cramer’s charitable trust owned Boeing, Cummins and Intel.

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