The Passion of Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson
Bertrand Langois | AFP | Getty Images
Mel Gibson

Looks like Mel Gibson is starring in "Lethal Weapon 5: The Mouth that Roared".

Gibson's career was already on the ropes after his drunken, anti-Semitic rant during a DUI arrest in 2006.

It appears, however that the star, who was apparently recorded in a series of tape recordings- is an equal opportunity bigot.

He's even accused of hitting a woman. While she was holding their child.

Americans are forgiving of celebrities.

You can be a drug addict, behave boorishly, fool around on your spouse, even be accused of killing someone, and, with time and a public confession, you can usually go back to work.

Ok, maybe not if you've been accused of killing someone (see: O.J. Simpson, Robert Blakeand Fatty Arbuckle).

Mel Gibson hasn't killed anything other than his career.

So is there a way back?

With time, a lot of help, apologies, good works, and an apparent change in character, does he have a chance? "I'm not sure there's anything Mel Gibson can do to rehabilitate his image at this point," says Nick Ragone, a Partner and Associate Director of the New York office of PR firm Ketchum. "My suggestion would be to leave the public eye completely and seek help — lots of it."

Gibson probably does not need money.

Six years ago, Forbes ranked him as the most powerful celebrity in America, having made $210 million in 2004 with "The Passion of the Christ." It's estimated his total fortune is at least three times that amount. But he's been dropped by his talent agency, and Forbes reports a murky future for his upcoming film, "The Beaver", which co-stars Jodie Foster, who also directed the $20 million film. In the movie, Gibson plays a man who talks to a beaver hand puppet. (Looks like he may be talking to a beaver hand puppet for a long time.)

In the meantime, YouTube artistes are are having a field day.

Here's a mash up of a phone conversation between Gibson and another star who went on a foul-mouthed rant, Christian Bale. Warning: there are more f-bombs here than in Tony Soprano's Bada Bing strip club.

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