Expect 'Range-Bound' Market for Next Few Years

Stocks fell on Thursday after disappointing manufacturing reports spread worries about the economic recovery. Barbara Marcin, portfolio manager at Gabelli Blue Chip Value Fund, shared her insights.

“We’re certainly seeing the economy slowdown and the one positive has been the tremendous earnings, which continue to beat expectations,” Marcin told CNBC.

But Marcin said she is concerned that companies’ revenues have not recovered to the levels of the last few years.

“So how much confidence can you have in that? If we don’t see rising jobs and income, I think the topline’s going to be lacking,” she continued.

Marcin said the market is “range-bound” and could take a few years before stocks move forward.

“We’re trying to continue to look for companies that can have topline in the next year or two even if we have a mediocre economy,” she said.

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