Rush Limbaugh: Apple is a ‘Buy Opportunity’

Politics makes for strange bedfellows. None stranger than conservative radio legend Rush Limbaugh and politically liberal tech visionary Steve Jobs.

Rush Limbaugh
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Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh launched a passionate defense of Apple and its iPhone 4 on his syndicated radio program Thursday, saying he "had no reception problems" with the one he recently purchased.

Limbaugh argues that if there were serious problems with the phone, we'd be hearing from thousands, maybe millions, of consumers experiencing dropped calls.

Instead, the talk show host blames the Obama administration, a liberal media, and Sen. "Chuck you" Schumer, for as he puts it - attacking Apple because it's become too successful. Sen. Schumer has written an open letter to the company asking Apple to provide a better solution to the iPhone 4's shortcomings at no cost to purchasers.

As for Consumer Reports' criticism of the iPhone 4, Limbaugh told listeners the publication has become "a worthless piece of trash" (he also points out that attacks on Toyota may have been misdirected, too, now that evidence suggests some sudden acceleration crashes were due to driver error).

And Rush as stock picker?

Limbaugh calls the loss of market cap in Apple shares"a buy opportunity".

What's in it for Limbaugh?

Nothing, other than it gives him another opportunity to point out what he sees as the administration's war on business. Limbaugh says he's been trying for years to get Apple to advertise on his radio program, but the company has always refused "for political reasons...I can't get anyone to call me back."

So why defend Apple? "I know a shakedown when I see it," he told his radio audience.

While Apple board members like Al Gorehave remained silent about the iPhone 4 saga, the most famous voice supporting Steve Jobs turns out to be a man Apple's CEO has almost nothing in common with.

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