Keeping Up with Hollywood Hook-Ups

Hollywood celebrities change partners more often than Congress changed Finreg.

Keeping up with the Kardashians, and everyone else, requires years of painstaking research.

Irad Eyal is on the job.

Sex Degrees of Separation: The Ultimate Guide to Celebrity Relationships
Sex Degrees of Separation: The Ultimate Guide to Celebrity Relationships

Eyal has just released a book called "Sex Degrees of Separation" which maps out the ways love and lust spread around Tinseltown like a Gulf oil spill.

"I started working on the book two years ago," Eyal tells me. "Every bit of dirt was verified through multiple published sources, photographic evidence, or the celebrity's own confession."

The work hasn't been easy.

"Lindsay Lohan was a challenge," Eyal says. "Is a drunken make-out session considered a relationship? What about a hook-up at rehab where the only witness is the (reportedly) other addict involved?" Reality stars, however, are the toughest, because so many of their relationships seem contrived for publicity, rather than, well, reality.

So which connections through "sex degrees of separation" have been the most amazing?

Eyal points to Zach Braff, who's middle name is "Israel", and swastika fan Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, separated by five degrees:

"ZACH BRAFF hooked up with KIRSTEN DUNSTon a yacht in 2005.

KIRSTEN dated RYAN GOSLINGafter going to rehab in 2008 (an allegedly brought him to her 12 step meetings).

GOSLING dated 16-years-older SANDRA BULLOCK(good for her!) after starring in her film Murder By Numbers.

And it's a quick goose-step from there to JESSE JAMESand MICHELLE MCGEE."

Eyal realizes that the book will need to be constantly updated, but the author hopes it will still sell.

"The book isn't intended to replace TMZ or Perezhilton...the book is more like the Guinness Book of World Records, if they covered hook-ups."

And the author calls Justin Timberlake'smother, Sadie Bomar, the "Paul the Octopus" of relationships for accurately predicting that her son's flings with Alyssa Milanoand Cameron Diaz wouldn't last, "and it doesn't look good for Jessica Biel".

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