Tony Romo Tackles Business

Tony Romo
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Tony Romo

Tony Romo, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboysfootball team, is in Lake Tahoe with Maria Bartiromo at the American Century Championship.

He's among one of the favorites to win the tournament after coming in at second place last year.

Romo discussed how sports and the economy are more connected than most may think.

Football & Business

Romo has already accomplished so much in his athletic career, but he wants to take the next step as a team. The Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl since the mid-90s and Romo says that each player has to grow collectively so the team can move forward.

These are similar motivational themes that are present in the business world. There are different styles of leadership, but Romo explains that people have to be themselves. People should do the right thing so others can look at them in that leadership position and that causes a “trickle-down effect.” “You do it right and others see what you’re doing and follow along.” Being a quarterback he says, is no different than being a manager. Both require hard-work, so others know and see the commitment level of the team and the company.

Economy is Down, but Sports are Up

Sports are starting to go down the path that movies have been seeing.

There are more multimedia facets, more advertising and opportunities, which get viewers more involved and making a better business for sports.

Romo says, “Anytime there is a down economy, there’s not question that you can be taken out of that and enjoy something that’s not expensive.” You can’t always take people to the movies, but you can sit down for a game.

You would think that fitness centers would be hit hard because of the economy, but shockingly enough he says, this is not the case. Romo’s friend, who is a manager of a 24-hour fitness club, says that a lot of people will save that little bit of extra cash to go to the gym to try to relieve some stress for however long they need to get that release.

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