US Stocks Reverse Last Week's Gains, Down 1%

The Dow halted a 7-day winning streak on Thursday to end the week down 1%. On Friday, the Dow dropped 261 points following a sharp decline in consumer sentiment. Among the major S&P 500 sectors, Financial stocks were down the most, posting a loss of nearly 3%.

What follows is a summary of this week's statistics on the markets.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

  • Down for the second day in a row, its second drop in nine sessions
  • Lowest close since July 7
  • Hit an intraday low of 10079.58 today, down 279.73 points, or 2.70%
  • Hit an intraday high of 10356.20
  • Fell three of the last four weeks
  • Up 15.48% from 52-weeks ago
  • Up 54.24% from its 12-year close low of 6547.05 hit on March 9, 2009
  • Off 9.88% from its 2010 close high of 11205.03 hit on April 26
  • Up 4.25% from its lowest close this year of 9686.48 hit on July 2
  • Off 4066.63 points, or 28.71% from its record close of 14164.53 hit on October 9, 2007

S&P 500

  • Fell two of the last three days, its second drop in the past nine days
  • Biggest point and percent drop since June 29
  • Lowest close since July 7
  • Off 500.27 points, or 31.96% from it record close of 1565.15 hit on October 9, 2007
  • Up 13.24% from 52-weeks ago
  • Off 12.52% from its 2010 close high of 1217.28 hit on April 23
  • Up 4.14% from its 2010 close low of 1022.58, hit on July 2
  • Up 57.40% from its 12 ½ year close low of 676.53 hit on March 9, 2009

NASDAQ Composite

  • Fell for the second straight day, its second drop in nine sessions
  • Lowest close in just over a week, since July 8
  • Fell three of the last four weeks
  • Down 680.07 points, or 23.79% from its multi-year high of 2859.12 hit on October 31, 2007
  • Up 15.50% from 52-weeks ago
  • Up 71.76% from its 6 ½ year closing low of 1268.64 hit on March 9, 2009
  • Off 13.88% from its 2010 close high of 2530.15 hit on April 23
  • Up 4.17% from this year’s close low of 2091.79 hit on July 2

S&P 500 Sectors

Eight out of ten sectors closed the week in negative territory, with financial and industrial companies leading the way to the downside.

  • Lincoln National was the biggest percent loser in the financial sector, down 12% for the week
  • Material stocks were hurt by Freeport-McMoRan, down 9% this week
  • Year-to-date, eight sectors are trading in the red, with energy and material stocks down the most

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Commodity Impact:Crude oil for August delivery was nearly unchanged this week, settling at $76.01 on Friday, down $0.08, or 0.11% for the week. Crude is off 12.47% from its 2010 settle high of $86.84, hit on April 6.

  • Wheat futures were among the best performing commodities this week, rising 9%, while copper futures were among the worst performers, posting a loss of 4%

Currencies Impact: The US dollar depreciated across the board this week, losing the most ground against the euro, Canadian dollar, Swedish krona and Japanese yen.

Global Index Performance:

Note: Data based on preliminary numbers. May adjust slightly due to settling at close.

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