Mad Mail: 4 Natural Gas Picks

The first letter on Monday's Mad Money came from Richard, who asked Cramer to follow up on natural-gas storage opportunities. On a recent show, Cramer recommended Plains All American Pipeline and Niska Gas Storage Partners , but the viewer wanted to his take on Kinder Morgan Energy Partners and MarkWest Energy Partners . Cramer said he happens to like all of these stocks, but had been recommending them as accidental high-yielders. He liked MarkWest, for example, when it yielded more than KMP and so on. These are "rotating names," he said.

In another letter, Mike said he's a student just starting to invest. He asked Cramer's take on GT Solar International, which he recently bought shares of. The company requires either higher oil prices or government subsidies, Cramer said, so he wouldn't recommend buying this stock.

Kip gave Cramer his recommendation for the CEO Wall of Shame: Steve Ballmer of Microsoft . Cramer recognizes Microsoft shares have been idle, but said that Ballmer, like everyone else, has made mistakes. The Mad Money host will let the people decide who goes on the Wall, but said there are probably worse executives out there. Tell Cramer who you think belongs on the CEO Wall of Shame by clicking here.

Deborah thanked Cramer for addressing high-frequency trading. He said he would re-double his efforts to see what countries have better solutions to this problem.

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