Casting Call: Looking for a Few Good Zombies

It’s your worst nightmare: You land that dream interview and all they ask you about is the gaping hole on your resume.

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Here’s one way to fill that gap: Be an extra in a zombie movie.

In other words, be a zombie.

John Caballero, a twentysomething filmmaker who’s “between jobs,” is shooting a series of short zombie videos for YouTube and placed an ad on CraigsList looking for zombie extrasto appear in the videos.

This is just one of the many “odd-job” listings you can find on a site like Odd Job Nation, which aggregates listings from CraigsList and other sites, along with ads for things like hosting Bingo Night at a club in South Beachand being a videographer for a ghost-hunting group in Detroit.

Sorry, the zombie gig doesn’t pay — but you’ll certainly know how to answer that question in the interview about the gap in your resume! Heck, talk about that time you were in a zombie movie and I’ll bet the interviewer forgets all about that pesky little gap in your resume!

Caballero says you don’t have to be professional actor to apply. He’s gotten dozens of responses so far, including a limo driver, an elderly English high-school teacher and a 35-year-old plumber.

If you already have a job, no worries — they’ll be shooting mostly on weekends.

So, how exactly does one prepare for a role as a zombie?

This film is about Old School zombies — the really zombie-ish ones that slowly creep toward you, not the newfangled ones that go running, jumping and climbing trees.

Caballero suggests watching some of the classics like “Night of the Living Dead” and some of the more comedic portrayals like “Shaun of the Dead”. He also recommends reading “World War Z”for tactical insight.

And, of course, do some basic moaning/shuffling exercises.

Can you picture it now:

Hello, everyone. I’d like you to meet our new hire, John. John comes to us from a field in New Jersey where he was an extra in a zombie movie.

Crowd: Brains ...

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