Toy Marijuana?

Marijuana plants
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Marijuana plants

This week I'm looking at the state of marijuana in a state going to pot.

I'll be posting an in-depth story on CNBC.comabout the love-hate relationship California has with marijuana.

There is an initiative on the November ballotseeking to legalize the green weed in the Golden State for recreational purposes.

Whether or not it passes, legalizing cannabis seems to have a certain momentum behind it.

In the meantime...

Pot as a pet? What are you smoking?

A web site called Cannabuddies allows people to "adopt" virtual (not real) pot leaves.

Leaves named "Chocolope" and "Train Wreck" will grow for you, produce buds, and even "speak", hoping to inform listeners about the benefits of pot.

Such educational nuggets include: "Over 25,000 products can be manufactured from hemp, from cellophane to dynamite." The virtual pets deliver the information in a fast-paced, high-pitched, undecipherable language which makes one think of meth more than pot.

FlashNews reports that the site was created by Rob Mulligan (hmm, real name?). He doesn't believe the "adorable digital pot plants" will encourage children to light up. "Ultimately it's just a cute plant," he says. "It's as if you were interacting with a funny tree."

Insert joke here.

Marijuana & Money: A CNBC Special Report
Marijuana & Money: A CNBC Special Report

Cannabuddies is busy expanding, adding new virtual leaves to adopt, selling CannaButtons to wear on "all your Hemp Fabric Wear!" and trying to leverage social networking sites.

These last efforts appear to be lagging.

The site's Facebook page hasn't posted since writing "Happy St. Patties Day" (sic) on...March 9 (not the 17th) 4:03am.

Perhaps someone has been spending a little too much time cultivating his Cannabuddies...

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