Can the Dow String Together 4 Triple Digit Gains for the First Time?

Yesterday’s near 101-point gain was the Dow's 3rd straight triple-digit gain, following Friday's 102-point gain and Thursday's 202-point gain.

Stringing together 3 consecutive triple-digit gains is quite rare for the Dow. Yesterday’s occurrence was just the 8th time in its history that the Dow has accomplished that feat.

The last time the Dow had 3 consecutive triple-digit gains was back on December 30, December 31, 2008 and January 2, 2009.

Results for the Dow have been mixed after 3 straight triple-digit gains. The index has never been up 100 points or more for 4 days in a row. Furthermore, in 4 of the previous 7 occurrences, the Dow closed lower on the day after being up triple digits 3 straight days.

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