Las Vegas Throws a Pool Party

Mitchell Funk | Photographer's Choice | Getty Images

People aren't spending as much money in Las Vegas.

They are spending more time at the pool.

Strange as it may sound, crowds are giving up the comforts of an air-conditioned casino to eat, drink and be sweaty in 110 degree heat.

The pool trend started seven years ago at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, which opened up its pool to the public on Sundays as a way to make a little cash on what's generally a slow day.

A party scene was born.

Pool revenues are growing in a down economy, and every property on the Strip is trying to make their pools "special".

The Hard Rock has added two pools as part of its $750 million expansion.

Wynn has spent $68 million on a pool club at Encore. The Palmshas added pools, and making over the pool is part of the $125 million renovation at the Tropicana.

Phil Shalala, Chief Marketing Officer for the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino explains the "day life" phenomenon, along with pool-goers Anne Barr, Lisa Smith, David Andino, and Andy Wright, who were all having a pretty good time in the cabana in the videoclip.

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