The Froufrou Flusher Indicator?

The price tag on Chelsea Clinton’s wedding this weekend has been estimated at anywhere form $2 million and $5 million. There’s $20,000 for her Vera Wang dress, $250,000 for flowers, a catering bill worth $780,000, fully ventilated tents at $600,000 and, yes, even Port-O-Potties for $15,000.

But those aren’t your average portable toilets, of course. They are plush, high-end bathrooms with air conditioning. And believe it or not, the Clinton’s aren’t the only people putting them to use. According to Royal Restrooms, which deals in these froufrou flushers (but is not the vendor for the Clinton wedding), there has been an uptick in business this summer.

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Cramer called this a “great” but “nutty” indicator that could show a growing willingness among consumers to spend money.

“I think a higher-end Port-O-Potty may be a sign of people feeling better,” he said.

Cramer has heard as much from Ethan Allen Interiors’ CEO during Thursday’s Mad Money, and quarterly reports from Fortune Brands and Williams-Sonoma seem to concur: People are spending their hard-earned cash on pricier items.

“These are signs that, even as everyone’s cautious,” Cramer said, “I think there’s this kind of like subtext, which is, ‘You know what? Things are better. I just don’t want to jinx it.’”

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