What's On: Pfizer, Ford and a Company You've Never Heard Of

Here's what's up on Tuesday's Squawk on the Street:

-- Procter and Gamblereported numbers this morning along with Pfizer. Both Dow components are making their impact on futures this morning and both will impact the open at 9:30 this morning.

-- We're also looking at a stock many veteran market watchers may have never heard of: Ball Corp . This company is a player in the manufacturing sector. The stock has hit an all-time high and that says a lot about the American economy and the American market picture right now. We're talking to an analyst that covers the stock so we can all learn about Ball Corp and see why the stock is riding so high.

-- American Apparel is reportedly in big trouble. The stock has lost about 60 percent of its value in the last year. The firm's accounting firm just quit. Some retail watchers say this company could go out of business. There's a lot of controversy to cover here.

-- GM reports July sales this morning during Squawk on the Street. We're also looking ahead to Ford's monthly numbers as SUV sales start to soar again. We want to know if the push for smaller cars is already running its course.

-- And a special look at real estate from coast to coast. No analysts on this one. We're talking to real estate agents in different parts of the country to see what they're seeing.

I hope you'll join us for the run up to the opening bell starting at 9am eastern, the bell at 930am eastern and our extensive market coverage all morning long, Squawk on the Street, starting at 9am.