Divine Help For Home Sellers?

There's a lot of funny business out there, ideas which don't always make sense. Some of them are intentionally half-baked and could, if brought to fruition, create chaos. Like the bluetooth earpiece made in the shape of a gun. A bad idea. A really, really bad idea.

Saint Joseph Homer Seller Statue Kit
Source: amazon.com
Saint Joseph Homer Seller Statue Kit

Then there are the ideas which may seem silly to some, but have merit to others.

Like burying a statue of St. Joseph in your yard to quicken the sale of a home.

Catholics and non-Catholics say it works.

Some realtors swear by it.

One even wrote a book called "St. Joseph, My Real Estate Agent: Patron Saint of Home Life and Home Selling", where realtor Stephen Binz argues that "seeking Joseph's intercession is not a superstitious act, but a devotional one." Who better to help someone facing foreclosure than a man forced to leave his home for the census and who later vacated it again to avoid Herod? (Yes, I went to Sunday School.)

Well, here's a revelation. This is a housing debacle of nearly apocalyptic proportions.

"Jackpot! I was able to sell my house quickly and for a goodly profit. I even donated 10% of my increase to a local church to show God my gratitude." -Amazon Customer, "M"

Even Heaven may not help us.

St. Joseph statues and "home seller kits" are suffering price cuts on Amazon.com (though not the "Eco Joe" statue made of earth-friendly clay--that's still full price).

The product reviews reveal that while some sellers credit the statue and prayers with finally getting a home sold, not everyone is a believer.

"In no time I started getting numerous walk-throughs and bids on my home," writes "M" on Amazon about the statue she bought and buried. "Jackpot! I was able to sell my house quickly and for a goodly profit. I even donated 10% of my increase to a local church to show God my gratitude."

J. Hokett was also impressed. "House had been on the market for 7 months and got an offer within 1 week of this statue's arrival."

On the other hand, J. Schleier is still waiting. "I first tried (burying the statue) by the sales sign, nothing. I then moved it to the backyard, facing the house, upside down. It is not working. Someone told me to dig him up, bath him in salt water and return him. He is not soaking in salt water. It has been 7 months and nothing on my house which is priced below market value. Oh well!"

S. Hartwell wrote, "I bought and buried this statue in Oct 2009 a little over a month after I put my house up for sale. Needless to say I'm still waiting!! I know it's a slow market but..... "

Finally, JustMe's review illustrates that to every thing there is a season. "It hasn't worked yet.. but I will keep faith, that house is gonna sell, it will, I tell ya."

With faith like that, you don't need anything else.

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