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The Big Short - by Michael Lewis
The Big Short - by Michael Lewis

As I wrote back in March, few writers are better able to tell the stories that happen on Wall Street and beyond than Michael Lewis.

He's the best-selling author behind "Moneyball," "Liar’s Poker" and "The Blind Side."

Now some 20 years after Lewis captured the greed and hubris of the 80’s in "Liar’s Poker" he’s back with a new book that’s being called the single best piece of financial journalism ever written.

In “The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine,” Lewis takes the reader on a thrilling ride into the near abyss as our economy almost collapsed. His book is a brilliant account of what happened and full of villains, heroes, fools and plenty of good ol' fashioned greed.

Few share Lewis’ gift of story telling or his ability to take the most complex and make it riveting read.

"By early 2005 Eisman’s little group shared a sense that a great many people working on Wall Street couldn’t possibly understand what they were doing ... If the first act of subprime lending had been freaky, this second act was terrifying." -The Big Short, Michael Lewis

This is the story of the decade — perhaps of a generation — and this book should be your guide to truly understanding what happened, who’s to blame and why we may sadly never learn from our mistakes.

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