What's On: Deutsche Bank, Toyota and Oil

Here's what's up on Wednesday's Squawk on the Street:

-- Today, we'll look at Deutsche Bank's worst-case scenario for the markets and the economy if the Bush tax cuts fade away. Also, a big earnings report from Toyota. This company is a great barometer of the global economy right now. We have the full details.

-- We're also talking about a company that could've been the next big thing. But now Garmin's technology is in so many places, the company may be in big trouble.

-- Also this morning, caught in the act: workers who've been double dipping, earning money for disability while working, it's all been caught on tape.

-- We're also looking at oil prices and the ETFs that follow those prices. At some point, will high oil prices start taking a chunk out of the economy?

-- And our Street Poll wants to know if you think companies should start focusing more heavily on hiring. Tell us what you think by casting your vote.

It all starts at 9am ET only on CNBC.