Which Firm Is 'One of the 3 Best-Run' Web Companies?

Online travel agency Pricelineposted quarterly profit that beat analyst forecasts earlier this week, as bookings jumped 43 percent. So is the travel industry in the midst of a rebound? Mark Mahaney, Internet research director at Citigroup Investment Research, shared his best plays.

“Priceline is probably one of the three best-run companies across the entire Internet space and it has one of the highest earnings growth profiles,” Mahaney told CNBC.

“We think it grows earnings 40 percent this year and our price target is $325.”

Mahaney also likes Expedia and has a $28 price target on the firm.

“It’s the value play in the group,” he said of the firm. “Expedia’s more of a US company so the growth profile isn’t as good, but it has a very attractive high free cash flow yield and they’ll be buying back stock.”

Meanwhile, Mahaney has a “hold” rating on Orbitz .

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