Technology: A Key Driver In Sustainability Around The World

Alcoa boasts to be one of the most sustainable miners in the industry.

Today at Techonomy the Technology/Economy Conferencein Lake Tahoe, Alcoa CTO, Mohammad Zaidi, believes that technology is essential to the overall growth of the individual’s quality of life.


“Technology will help us achieve a sustainable global economy,” he said.

Zaidi is the chairman of the World Business Council Vision Project, he was able to shed some light on the goals for 2050. (You can watch the entire interview here.)

World Business Council's Vision 2050 Goals:

  • Enabling education and economic empowerment
  • Doubling agriculture output without increasing land and water use
  • Halting deforestation
  • Halving carbon emissions worldwide
  • Universal access to low-carbon mobility
  • 4-10x improvement in resource and materials use

Crystal Lau contributed to this article.



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