Golf Digest Resumes Relationship With Tiger

After a seven issue hiatus, Golf Digest has resumed its editorial relationship with Tiger Woods.

Source: Golf Digest

CNBC has learned that the golf publication, which suspended the golfer’s monthly instructional tips on Dec. 21, includes tips by Woods in the September issue, which hits newsstands today.

“We have had a long-term exclusive relationship with Tiger that stretches back to his first year as a professional,” said Golf Digest spokesman Bret Hopman, in a statement given to CNBC. “He’s back playing regularly now, so we have mutually agreed to publish his bylined pieces on a monthly basis.”

Tiger’s last contribution to the publication was the January issue, in which Woods appeared on the cover with Obama in a photo illustration (see image below). The cover caused a stir because it hit newsstands less than two weeks after Woods’ accident, as more details were unfolding, and included the President with the line “10 Tips Obama Can Take From Tiger.”

Golf Digest did not pull the publication off shelves, but announced later in the month that Woods would not contribute for the time being as the magazine’s playing editor.

“We respect Tiger’s decision to take a break from professional golf and focus on his family,” Hopman said at the time. “Tiger’s bylined instruction articles will not be published in Golf Digest during his time away from the game.”

Source: Golf Digest

Woods returned in April at the Masters and has played in seven tournaments since, but Golf Digest executives decided that now was the right time for Tiger's columns to continue.

Unlike many of Tiger’s contributions, his advice in the September issue — specifically how to hit from fairway bunkers — is not promoted on the cover that features US Open winner Graeme McDowell.

Hopman would not comment on whether payment to Woods, which the New York Post said was worth $3 million a year, was suspended while Tiger wasn’t contributing to the magazine.

Woods is coming off his worst tournament of his career, having shot 18 over par at the Bridgestone Invitational, which he won last year.

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