Tee'd Off With Steven Slater

I know he (allegedly) committed a crime. Yes, he cursed on a loudspeaker in front of children. True, he reportedly lists "recovery" as one of his Facebook interestsbut grabbed two beers on his way out.

I love Steven Slater.

Source: donkeyts.com

Now "Team Slater" fans can get tee'd off with him.


A T-shirt web site is selling "Quit Your Job With Style" tees depicting a guy exiting an airplane via the emergency slide.

"Jet Blue Flight Attendant Steven Slater is the new hero at donkeyts.com!" proclaims the site. "This guy went off on an angry patron over the loudspeaker on the plane, before grabbing some beer and jumping off the plane on the emergency chute! Hilarious!"

Hilarious may not be the right word. Maybe "liberating".

Let's hope a portion of the T-shirt sales goes to Slater's defense.

In any case, no story has illustrated so graphically the joyless experience of flying these days (even on Jetblue!). The missing piece of the puzzle remains the passenger whose luggage allegedly hit Slater on the head, who ignored the rules and cursed Slater out. I've heard the passenger referred to as a female.

Look, we've all seen fascistic flight attendants, but, more often, it's the passengers who act like idiots. Who hasn't witnessed a passenger get up before the aircraft reaches the gate? These people just...can't...wait...to....get...off...the...plane, shoving past others and refusing to make eye contact.

Such passengers need their own T-shirts, maybe depicting a person forcibly thrown down the emergency chute...in midair.


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