Quiz: QUIZ: Aerospace and Defense

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What was the original name of the company that eventually became General Dynamics?

  1. Burger Boat Company
  2. Electric Boat Company
  3. Freedom Yachts
  4. William Cramp and Sons

The Electric Boat Company was founded in 1899 to execute designs for the first generation of submarines. Its efforts proved successful within a year, and by the time World War I rolled around, the company had built 85 submarines for the US Navy alone, and another 74 for use in World War II. In 1952 the company adopted a new name, General Dynamics Corporation, but kept the Electric Boat name for its submarine construction business. Electric Boat would go on to build the first nuclear submarine, the first ballistic missile submarine and the Seawolf class submarine, which was still in production as recently as 2005.

SOURCE: General Dynamics Corporation | US Centennial of Flight Commission