Steven Slater, Reality TV Star?

Turns out America's new hero (and mine) may not actually be the sympathetic guy-at-the-end-of-his-rope-who-can't-take-it-anymore.

But that doesn't mean Steven Slater can't cash in.


As some dispute the original story that the Jetblue flight attendant chuted off to glory after one last encounter with an unruly passenger, a potential job opportunity has (allegedly) emerged for the veteran steward. Slater's attorney has reportedly received an offer for the famous quitter to host a reality TV show, where he would help other people quit their jobs. TMZ says the production company behind the offer is Stone Entertainment, "a powerhouse in the reality TV world," though the only production I could find for the company was a 2001 program called "The Pirates of Central Park."

Slater as reality TV host? Helping people ditch a steady paycheck?

Here's why this one won'

First, in case you haven't noticed, people need jobs right now, they don't need to quit them—Slater being the glorified exception. Secondly, the would-be host may not be "manageable." Third, do we need another reality TV show? Isn't Snooki enough to seal the genre's fate?

Fourth...go back to first. With unemployment so high, you might have better luck doing a reality TV show showing people getting jobs, not quitting them. There's an idea! Let's have a show following Steven Slater AS HE TRIES TO GET ANOTHER JOB! That's entertainment.

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