Argentina — The Next LatAm Star

It was once considered an outcast, but after completing a painful debt restructuring this year, Argentina has emerged as an attractive market for investors.

"It really fell off the radarscope for a lot of people, although it was really the most attractive emerging country during the 1990s, a lot of people lost track of it. And so, as a result, it really became a very exotic type of instrument," said Walter Molano, managing partner and head of research at U.S. based investment bank BCP Securities, on CNBC's Protect Your Wealth.

Molano, whose firm focuses on emerging markets, cited Argentina's bullish growth trend as a reason for investors to pay attention to that country.

According to Goldman Sachs, Argentina's growth will be the largest in Latin America this year, expanding by as much as 8 percent. Molano, however, thinks 9.5 percent is more likely.

"I think that Argentina is really going great guns. It's kind of the first derivative of Brazil, it's really growing off Brazil and high growing prices," Molano said, adding that the opportunities are wide for investors.

He drew attention to the country's sovereign bonds, which are still trading at very high levels, and its provincial bonds.

"You have the province of Buenos Aires that is yielding double-digit type of returns. You have the province of Mendoza, the province of Chubut just came out to the markets, it's one of the biggest oil producers, producing regions of Argentina, yielding at somewhere around 9 percent and also the city of Buenos Aires, which is really the heart of the country."

For the more sophisticated investors, Molano recommended GDP warrants, which he said could provide 400-500 percent returns over the next five to six years.

"It's really based on the growth that the country's going to post, and they're still trading at a very discounted type of level."

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