What's On: Homebuilders, Job Stocks, Commodities

Here's what's up on Wednesday's Squawk on the Street:

-- Wall Street firms are starting to buy into the homebuilding stocks, should you? We're focusing on Toll Brothers , Pulte Homes, Beazer Homes , KB Homes and Lennar .

-- Plus, the job stocks. Monster and Robert Half have been beaten down especially hard. Is this the time to jump in? We also have the CEO of Lumber Liquidators. This is a company that's really bucking the trend in the housing sector. See why this CEO is so confident the growth has just begun. Many Wall Street analysts agree.

-- And we're live on a Texas farm with a man who grows wheat, corn and more. See how he's cashing in on the commodity jump and see how you can capitalize as well.

-- Our Street Poll this morning asks you where you stand on taxes and the deficit. Mark Haines has a very strong stand and he's taking on the other side.

-- Plus, the latest on a very important primary day. Watch the opening bell live from the New York Stock Exchange starting at 9am, only on Squawk on the Street.