Fantasy Players Can't Insure Favre

Pick Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre at your own peril.

Fantasy Sports Insurance, a company that sells player injury insurance to fantasy sports players, says it will not offer any insurance on Favre.

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The 40-year old had surgery on his ankle in May and last week announced he was coming back for a 20th season.

"Favre is not going to be insurable this year," said Henry Olszewski of Fantasy Sports Insurance, which is in its second year of operation. "Drafting him could be a good idea, but insuring him is not. He's old, he's got ailing injuries that constantly perk up, and even though he plays through them, there's a big risk.

The irony with not offering insurance on Favre is that, on paper, he's as reliable as you can get.

Counting the postseason, Favre has started in 309 consecutive games.

In order for fantasy players to collect on one of their football players getting injured, that player has to be out for either eight of the first 12 games or 10 out of the first 15 games.

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